Warm Summer

I love the blue, pretty sky.

I love pretty flowers.

I love the clear, cold swimming pool and the animals.

I love going to gelato ice cream.

I love my mommy’s baking,

And the cherry tomatoes from my Gese’s garden.

I love the sights of birds and clear swimming pools.

I love the taste of hamburgers and hot dogs

And cold water and lemonade when I get them.

I like hiking with my family.

I love my daddy’s baseball team

And getting cotton candy there.

I love summer,

But fall is coming,

And I’m still happy.

7 thoughts on “Warm Summer

  1. I love summer too — and kinda dread the colder weather. I much prefer the activities of summer, and especially like cotton candy! 🙂

    Do you have winter activities you like to do?

    1. Thank you for your comment! I do not have any winter activities but I like sledding. We have a lot of sledding hills and they’re really fun to sled on.

  2. I love this and enjoyed the way you brought me back to all of our special summer times.

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