Our Trip

We went on a field trip to Franconia Notch.  We went to the Flume.  That was my favorite thing we did.

There were so many waterfalls.  There were dens and streams that sometimes sprayed you.  There were many, many stairs, and you just kept walking more steps.  The streams were gushing down.  You were walking in between big huge rocks that were all wet from the mist.

I liked the Flume Gorge.

(photos by our trip chaperone Alicia Shedd)

4 thoughts on “Our Trip

  1. Hi Cherie,
    Wow! Franconia Notch looks amazing! Stairs and streams and gushing water and mist! Sounds like a great day! Was this a school trip? What a great experience.
    What other school trips do you get to go on?

    Student blogging commenter

  2. Hi Cherie!
    I really like how your blog looks really great so far! These pictures are amazing and make Franconia Notch look very interesting! I might have to check out this place! It was nice checking out your blog 🙂

  3. thank you for commenting. it was a school trip and i not quit sure of what other field trips we are doing on? stuffy

  4. Hi stuffy! I loved your pictures.what was it like at the Flume Gorge?

    Do you want to be blogging pals?


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