To celebrate the first day of spring, we romped about in the mud, brainstormed words using all our senses, and wrote about mud season in New England.

Spring, Part 1


Buds, brown dead flowers, frozen puddles.

The puddles have muddy puddles underneath them.

It is almost all brown, brown, brown.

Some birds chirping, crunchy brown leaves.

One cheek is warm.

The other cheek is cold.

I touch the ice, freezing cold.

It still makes my hand numb.

I touch the straws of green.

Fuzzy baby flowers.

Squishy, squashy,

Clumpy, cloppy,

The brown is squishy, but still a little hard.

I love spring.


Spring, Part 2


I love spring so much.  We went snowshoeing and tasted sap.  It was yummy. I love the smell of the snow and the smell of the fresh air.  I also love the birds chirping and tweeting in the trees. I love biking outside.  I like when we have picnics in my backyard with sandwiches and chips. Spring is almost here!



And then . . . on the second day of spring . . . .


3 thoughts on “Spring

    1. Your blog post is wonderful. Your words describe spring so well.

  1. Oh no! What a quick spring start that was! I love the way that you just have the photo to tell the last part of your spring story!
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