NH Adventure–The CHAD 5K/Half Marathon


You should participate in the CHAD!

The first reason you should participate is that it raises money for the Dartmouth Children’s Hospital!  They raised last year over 800,000 dollars!  That will help the patients who are sick or hurt or have a disability.

The second reason to participate is you get lots of exercise even if you didn’t run because the half marathon is thirteen miles, and the 5K is three miles, and it you’re just cheering you run around trying to figure out where you are going!

Finally, the last reason is it’s fun to do as a family.  There are food trucks, and you can cheer people on!  We went inside the HOP, and I got a hamburger with my cousins.  I cheered, “Go, Mommy!” and “You can do it!”

It is really fun, and you should definitely participate in the CHAD.

2 thoughts on “NH Adventure–The CHAD 5K/Half Marathon

  1. Hello Charlotte,
    Wow, what an impressive adventure. Congratulations. The hospital is very lucky that people like you and your family care so much to help them.
    You are doing a great job with your Student Blogging Challenge, keep up the good job.
    Mrs. L. Dewar

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